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Poultry with carrots (800 g)



Canned wet food of 800 g for dogs based on poultry with carrots.

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Happy DogComplete canned wet nourishment of 800 g for dogs based on poultry with carrots (PreDigestif).


Poultry meat 18%, poultry necks 12%, carrots 12%, poultry heart 8%, poultry gizzard 8%, poultry liver 6%, pumpkin 4%, Jerusalem artichokes 4%, brewer's yeast, seaweeds, mineral substances.

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 8.5%, crude oils and fats 6%, crude ash 2.4%, crude fiber 0.5%, humidity 79%.


This food can be supplemented, if necessary, with the addition of our dried vegetable and potato flakes.

Feeding recommendation:

Daily dose for a dog weighing up to 5 kg = 200 g, from 6 to 14 kg = 300 g, from 15 to 25 kg = 400 g, from 26 to 35 kg = 800 g, from 36 to 50 kg = 1000 g, from 51 to 65 kg = 1200 g. The data are approximate. The daily individual requirement of your dog depends on other factors such as race, age, activity and attitude.

Important: In the event that your dog is not accustomed to natural food, the change of diet may cause gastrointestinal disturbances. We advise you to proceed with the integration of the new food gradually over at least two weeks. If in doubt, contact us, we advise you gladly.


naVita Dog is a natural and quality food, to base of meat, perfectly suited to the species. Our menu of high quality meat have been developed in collaboration with a Swiss veterinary, animal naturopaths, homeopaths and expert nutritionists.

All menus naVita Dog have an average content of meat by 70% (except Sensitive and PreDigestif). Our raw materials are natural and are suitable for human consumption (without waste or residues of slaughter). The gentle preparation by cold filling guarantees the highest quality. Particular attention has been paid to the use of side dishes such as brown millet, oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, apples, blueberries, rose hips and seaweeds in their variety. We guarantee that the meat used comes from controlled farms in Germany. Precooked side dishes ensure the best compatibility.
Into the naVita Dog, the high quality raw materials are processed fresh. Through this process it is ensured that all the valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements are kept intact. We renounce to use any additive such as vitamins and synthetic proteins, flavorings, colorings and preservatives, as well as the fillers. With our naVita Dog menu you feed your dog with a balanced and diversified diet. Our high quality products are used also gladly as a complement to the diets based on raw meat (BARF).

To allow your dog to always get a fresh supply, we offer cans of different sizes. The can of 800 g is suitable for large-sized dogs (from a weight of 25 kg). We strongly recommend keeping the open cans into the refrigerator and not to keep them open for more than 2 days. Remove from the refrigerator the daily ration at least 2 hours before serving. The food must be served at room temperature.

Your beloved pet will thank you for feeding him with naVita Dog!!!


Cibo straordinario!

Da quando ho iniziato a nutrire il mio cane con il cibo umido di naVita, la sua salute è nettamente migliorata. I sintomi della sua intolleranza sono totalmente spariti. È in piena forma, ha un pelo bello e folto ed il suo alito non é più fetido come prima. È un cibo veramente straordinario e lo consiglio davvero molto a tutti.

Lebensqualität wieder gefunden!

Mein Schäferhund hat einen recht empfindlichen Magen, aber mit dem naVita Futter haben wir überhaupt keine Probleme. Sein Stuhlgang und Blähungen haben aufgehört. Für eine lange Zeit haben wir versucht um herauszufinden, welches die beste Nahrung für ihn sein könnte, weil er immer Durchfall hatte. Sein Fell glänzt ebenso richtig schön! Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen.

Ganz gut Verträglich

Unser Illyrischer Schäferhund liebt das Futter sehr. Er hat keine Blähungen mehr, seit wir damit füttern.

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Poultry with carrots (800 g)

Poultry with carrots (800 g)

Canned wet food of 800 g for dogs based on poultry with carrots.

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