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Amaranth organic (250 g)



Food complement for dog.

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Packaging Plastic bag
Weight 250 g

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Food complement for dogs.


100% amaranth, popped.

Analytical constituents:

Fat 8.8%, carbohydrates 56.8%, fiber 4.5%, protein 14.6%.


Amaranth is an exceptional "cereal" which, in fact, is not such. Small amaranth grains contain an incredible amount of easily-assimilable vital and nutritional substances. This makes it particularly valuable not only for older people, children and sportsmen but also for animals and humans in general. Guaranteed gluten-free, amaranth is a true concentrate of nutrients and vital substances easily assimilated, far exceeding traditional grains. Amaranth is also a source of magnesium, calcium and iron. Amaranth, with regard to its content of vital substances, envied makes it impale any kind of cereal. Its high magnesium (about 330 mg) and its high calcium content (215 mg) should be highlighted. Amaranth, from a botanical point of view, is part of the Amaranthaceae family; Is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Amaranth contains much less carbohydrates than cereals. It is thus of particular interest to people and animals who consume a voluntarily reduced / reduced carbohydrate content of food. The very high amalgam fiber content has a positive effect on the health of the intestine and provides a beneficial feeling of satiety. Amaranth is a source of essential fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6). Amaranth contains lecithin, an important substance that contributes to good digestion of fat and to the development of the brain. The amaranth, a real protein bomb, contains all the essential amino acids and has a protein content of about 15% to 18%, a value that does not result in any other traditional cereal. For this reason, amaranth is an excellent source of protein, in addition to the highest quality; Not only for vegetarians and vegans, but also for any person, big or small, without forgetting our four-legged friends. It should also be noted its iron richness (9 mg) and zinc content (4 mg). Its high iron value makes it an important ally / makes it important, especially during periods of pregnancy and lactation and in the case of diseases due to iron deficiency.

  • An ideal supplement for our naVita dog meat menu
  • It can ideally be used as a supplement to the BARF diet
  • Gluten free

Directions for use:

Serve with a meat or meat menu. Up to a maximum, for dog: 2-3% (as dry weight) of the daily ration.

Keep in a cold and dry place.


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Amaranth organic (250 g)

Amaranth organic (250 g)

Food complement for dog.

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