Who is Nutrivita?

It's a trademark of the swiss company Stile di Vita SA, founded by Ivan Bacchi, with the aim of offering consulting and products for natural and healthy nutrition for dog, cat and horse. stems from the belief that nutrition and products that follow the rules of nature, combined with a proper lifestyle, are the only possible source of health and wellness. The feeding with selected ingredients of the highest quality, without excessive processing of raw materials and without the use of chemical additives, is not only useful for the nutrition of the cells of an animal, but contributes to the smooth interaction with the vital energy, on the aim to keep it balanced thus benefit from the maximum vitality of the animal. My principles are:

  • Nutritional counseling to owners of dogs and cats
  • Food products of the highest standard
  • Love for our clients animals

To pursue these principles, on the basis of a healthy and genuine nutrition, I suggest to my clients products of naVita.

Who is naVita?

naVita Schweiz GmbH presents itself as an innovative trading company with a versatile range of products that meet the physiological needs of the animal food in a natural way.

naVita Schweiz collaborates with manufacturing companies known for their ethics and guarantees at all times the quality of the product. The company promotes only natural and genuine products, which are used in a pure and organic way, as well without chemical additives. The products come with exceptional efficiency. The proof of this, will be provided through our expertise. All products are made without the involvement of animal testing.

Ivan Bacchi

Ivan Bacchi

Advisor in nutrition for dogs and cats.

I live in Ticino and love animals. My mother tongue is Italian, but I speak English fairly well. Since 2010 I have specialized in the nutrition of our pets, especially dogs and cats. I dispose of very good knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, which are related to nutrition of pets with a zoological carnivorous nature. Beyond that, I'm following the formation of Naturopath. In all my advice I hold especially given the holistic and bioenergetic aspect of the animal. During my experience I had the opportunity to help many animals suffering from the most common food-related diseases such as, for example, kidney stones and intolerances.

My advice:
Continuing to feed your pet with the industrial food from large retailers, you contribute only to let him develop an acute or chronic pathology. The possibilities that this will happen in the medium term, are high. During a period between 6-8 years of consumption, are calculated 6-7 cases for every 10 subjects. Choose immediately the natural food and offer to your darling a healthy and lasting quality of life.

I gladly respond to your questions. Contact me...

What my customers say?

My Bella (mongrel dog of 6 years) has eaten industrial croquettes of the best brands for the first 4 years of her life. Suddenly she developed a skin erythema with hair loss and strong itching. Despite the various tests with veterinary feed specially studied for these cases, his situation did not improve, if not significantly. Later, I met Ivan, who advised me on the naVita moist food together with some supplements. Even after only three weeks, Bella's itch disappeared and her skin had returned normal. The hair also began to grow again.

Daniela G. - Sementina

One day I had to bring my Rico (European cat of 8 years) to the veterinarian because he was bleeding. For he were found kidney stones that should have been operated. Nevertheless, I chose not to operate it and to try the food of naVita. After only 3 weeks he had no bleeding and in six months the kidney stones have melted almost completely. If I had known this, I would have chosen naVita much earlier.

Claudia F. - Lopagno

Since I started to feed my Walo (german shorthaired pointer dog of 5 years) with food of Navita, his breath is much less heavy and his feces were reduced than before. Thanks also to supplements who advised me Ivan, his hair has never been so shiny as now.

Alessandra S. - Lugano

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