Nutrition and watering of the horse

Nutrition and watering of the horse

Horses have a daily requirement of water between 20 and 60 liters and spend half of their lives eating: their nature of herbivores makes that several hours of the day are dedicated to this activity.

Nutrition is based on roughage and the food intake must also meet the needs of the horse of being employed for several hours a day. Foraging therefore not only serves to provide the energy and nutrients essential for the horse.

But we must not fall into the opposite error, namely to exceed in the amount of forage. It should especially pay attention to concentrated foods and pastures with grass rich in proteins and nutrients: in particular for horses, donkeys and ponies that do not need to eat much, because excesses are dramatically harmful to their health. The limited physical movement is an additional risk.

Horses in the pasture should be able to drink several times a day. Therefore, the best solution would be to give unlimited availability of water through automatic watering systems, access to a water basin, a fountain or a cistern in the pasture. Where there is recourse to automatic watering systems or other water containers, you must check with the greatest diligence that they are clean and working properly.

Source: Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO

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