Nutrition and watering of the cat

Nutrition and watering of the cat

By nature, cats feed on mice. Their organism is fully structured for this type of nutrition. The intestine particularly short does not allow them to digest food of exclusively vegetable origin.

Feeding on mice, cats do not eat only meat, but also assimilate other nutrients, in particular the stomach contents of their prey, which contains plant substances and many vitamins. Nowadays, even a cat used to spend much of their time outdoors would not be able to procure enough food. It is therefore necessary to supplement the daily rations by resorting to the special industrial products, designed specifically to meet the needs of cats.

Food scraps, mainly consisting of pastry, rice and vegetables, are not listed as exclusive food of the cats, but can easily be used to supplement their diet.

In any case it is necessary to pay close attention to the weight of the animals, which must not exceed certain limits.

Finally, it is important not to forget that cats should always be able to have access to fresh water.

Source: Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO

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