Nutrition and watering of the dog

Nutrition and watering of the dog

Dogs are primarily carnivores. However they are able to absorb a certain amount of leftovers of our food.

Dogs have a stomach too short to assimilate an exclusively vegetarian diet. However, during their thousand-year coexistence with humans they have adapted to metabolize even the remains of our food; they should not, however, constitute more than a quarter, or about a third of their food.

Feeding of the dog should be based on appropriate foods. It is also imperative to dose it carefully, so as to prevent the animal is underfed or overfed. If the owners let themselves be dissuaded easily, dogs develop refined techniques of begging which is really hard to resist. This entails frequent cases of overweight animals and even the onset of real diseases.

For this reason the nutrition should be moderate and appropriate to the size. It should not give the remains of lunch to the dog directly from the table.

Dogs have a great need to chew. Because often the nutrition does not allow them to adequately meet this need, they like much a pig ear, a buffalo skin or occasionally even a bone that he can chew. But beware of the chicken bones and other fragments that by breaking easily produce splinters: these can get stuck in the dog's throat and must subsequently be removed by a veterinarian. An excessive amount of bone can cause digestive problems.

Finally, it is good that the dogs always has access to fresh water.

Source: Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO

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